Bot Vars

These are the extra vars for extra features inside Music Bot. You can leave non mandatory vars for now and can add them later.


-> What is this?

Yukki has a feature called auto assistant leaving.
It leaves assistant accounts from all chats after a certain amount of time. You can set that time via ASSISTANT_LEAVE_TIME
You can use this mode, it enhances your bot's performance
  • Set it in True if you want to leave your assistant after a certain amount of time.. Default to False.


  • Time after which your assistant account will leave served chats automatically. Default to 5400 seconds, i.e 90 Mins


-> What is this?

This feature sends a randomly message to 1/10 of your served chats of the bot regarding bot commands .Helps users in knowing more about your bot.
For example: If your bot works in 200 chats, this mode will send bot commands suggestion after a certain amount of time to 20 chats randomly. You can set that time via AUTO_SUGGESTION_TIME
  • set it True if you want your bot to suggest about bot's commands to random chats of your bots.. Default to False.


  • Time after which your bot will suggest bot's commands. Default to 5400 seconds, i.e 90 Mins


-> What is this?

Every file played on your music bot gets downloaded first and then gets played on voice chat. This sometime fills the storage of your cloud hosting and makes bot dead.
To counter this issue, we made auto downloads clear mode . This mode clears all the downloaded files for the particular track soon as a track gets finished playing .
  • Set it True if you want to delete downloads after the music playout ends.. Default to False.


-> What is this?

Want your bot to be restricted for other chats?
No one can add your bot without your permission in this mode. You can allow particular chats for which you want your bot to work. Others wont be able to use your bot.
/authorize - For allowing any chat
/unauthorize - For dis-allowing any chat
  • Set it true if you want your bot to be private only or False for all groups. Default to False.


-> What is this?

Yukki has media downloader progress bar, which shows how much file has been downloaded after a certain amount of time. That certain amount of time can be set via these vars
For example: If someone plays telegram video from your bot, it will first download that media from telegram and will show the user that how much it has downloaded after every 6-7 seconds.
  • Time(in seconds) sleep duration.
  • Default to 3 seconds for Youtube Downloader and 5 seconds for Telegram Downloader