Mandatory Vars

These are the minimum required vars need to setup to make Yukki Music Bot functional.


  • Go to then Enter your Phone Number with your country code.
  • After, you are logged in click on API Development Tools.
  • Enter Anything as App name and App short name, Enter in url section
  • That’s it, You'll get your API_ID and API_HASH.



You'll need a Private Group for this.
Remember to add your Music Bot , Assistant Accounts and Logger Id in Group and Promote them Admin with Full Rights.
  • Add @MissRose_Bot in your Private Group from Add Member > Search "@MissRose_Bot" and then Add.
  • After added, Just type "/id" in the chat.
  • You'll get the ID of your group..


  • A name for your music bot. Please don't use any special characters or font in this. Make it simple and short.


Value must be an integer like 18391023
Your user id (not username) Get it by using command /id on the Group in the reply to your message where Rose Bot was added.


A Pyrogram String Session of a Telegram Account which will be joining Group Calls for streaming.


Not a mandatory var, but yes kind off.
Yukki no longer requires MONGO DB as mandatory. Leave it blank and bot will use Yukki’s database for your bot. Seperate database and Easy to use.
• To maintain bot’s privacy you wont be able to manage sudoers. Bot will create an separate collection for you and no other bot's database will clash with it.