How to Generate MONGO DB

1. First, Go to then Sign Up there.

Sign up on Mongo Db first of all

2. Login or Sign Up (Create an Account) there. If you don’t have an Account!

Sign up with Google or Temp mail whatever you want

3. Accept the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service of Mongo DB

Tick the box and press submit

4. You'll see a deploy cloud database option. Please select Shared Hosting under Free Plan Here

Select shared hosting and click on create.

5. Select the Region and Server. Where your Database server will host.

Select the server location nearby your location, So that it work fast and efficient.
Select your server and region now.

6. Click on Create Cluster Now.

Click on create clusters now and wait for it.

7. Your database cluster is being created now. It can take upto 2-3 mins. Till then we can set other settings.

Please wait, Till its being created.

8. Click on QuickStart under security tab. Input any username and password there and press create user.

Don't use any special character in your username or password like [email protected]#$% etc... Make it simple
Create a user now.

9. Click on Network Access under security tab. Click on Add IP Address

Click on IP Address

10. Click on ALLOW ACCESS FROM ANYWHERE and make sure its and click Confirm

Make sure its

11. Wait for 1-2 Mins till it deploys your changes. Makes sure Pending Status turns to Active thereafter.

Status Pending.. Deploying Changes
Status Active now. You can proceed to other step now.

12. Click on Database Access under security tab and then click on ADD NEW DATABASE USER

Add a new database user

13. Input the same Username and Password you used while creating a user in step number 8.

Input your same username and password

14. Scroll down the menu and find BUILT-IN-ROLE . Edit the role to Atlas Admin there and hit Add User

Make built-in-role to Atlas Admin and Add User

15. Now make sure database user has been added and its role is [email protected]

Make sure its added correctly with role as [email protected]

16. We have successfully configured Mongo Db now. Its time to connect it. Goto Database section and click on connect.

Click on connect


Connect your application

18. Select Driver as PYTHON and version as 3.6 OR LATER

Please select python and 3.6 or later

19. We have succesfully got our MONGO DB URL now. Replace <password> with your password and use it.

Here's our mongo DB

20. Replace your <password> with the password you used to create user in step 8.

Replace it with your password now